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Today I felt peace as we sat at the top of a hill overlooking our village and just did huge belly breaths as the wind blew wildly on our faces.
My shoulder is strapped up today and the pain is giving me the worst headache.
Mindfully breathing in helped me to free up my back a little, which helped with the pain. The fresh air freed up my mental health.
Its the little things in life that can make a real difference.
Mindful Breathing as a pain control tool is ne of the main reasons I was so passionate about starting The Wellbeing Revolution.  After suffering for years with just medication or physio (which I am grateful for!), I started practising breathing excercises and meditation and it REALLY worked.  I would have never believed it, but it was so important to me to be able to show others just like me how these simple tools can really help.  Over the years I have blended many of these different techniques to create my own ‘Revolution’ method, that has really helped others.  When you live in constant pain and also don’t know what life is like without it, you can be the best person to really develop something that works.  Try one of my classes now – they are tailor made just for long term conditions and disabilities.
Written by Melanie McLean

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