Linking With Glasgow University Research – How Does Fatigue REALLY Affect Our Lives?

The issue of fatigue and how it REALLY affects the lives of people living with long term conditions and disabiities is being looked at, along with other issues, by Glasgow University Institute for Health and Wellbeing.

I had been asked to attend a research meeting today to talk about the realities of living with a long term condition beyond managing medication. In my life experience of living through childhood, teens, twenties, thirties and now my forties with my condition, I spoke to them about the importance of properly linked up care, particularly with mental health.

Not being able to manage fatigue has caused me sever anxiety, which is not currently being looked at as part of living with my condition. It’s looked at as seperate and treated as such. I talked about how tailor made mental health services for people living with long term conditions are not provided, and how, to try and do something about this, I have created The Wellbeing Revolution.

Written by Melanie McLean

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