In & Out Those Dusty Bluebells

Never let the things you CAN’T do stop you from doing the things you CAN.
Yesterday I became very worried about an invitation for me and my daughter to visit and play in beautiful ancient bluebell woods today because it was explained that there would be some rough terrain on the way.
So I cancelled. An unsuccessful (and unsuccessfully revised) knee replacement when I was 30 and the other which is overdue being replaced, 2 hip replacements from my 20s that are overdue replaced and all round unsteadiness due to joint and muscle deterioration means that I fall easily.
But then my friend reminded me that she would be right there, we could take it slowly and we could use our hazel tree sticks that my husband made to help.
I CAN’T foretell the small journey ahead of me today but I CAN rely on my determination.
……and wow (!!) – I had a fabulous time enjoying those beautiful bluebells in the sunshine with my girl!
Written by Melanie McLean

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