Even after 35 years, my condition can still surprise me.
Here was I planning my life around my next op after Covid 19 lockdown – my other knee being replaced…..then one day out of seemingly nowhere, that ouchy shoulder becomes unusable with loss of power and you have that ‘knowing’ agony that tells you its now suddenly craggy bone-on-bone.
The past few weeks have seen me mainly in bed with it being supported. Then one day it will be rested enough for me to show my wee girl I’m still strong and so I organise a wee outdoor socially distanced play date. On that day the movement comes back a little but the pain is still incessant.
I use most of my grit and determination, not to power through the agony of gently pushing a swing, but to keep a happy, easy smile on my face because my daughter is delighted to just be with me outdoors.
Written by Melanie McLean

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