Beditation – Launches July 6th 2021

Next Course Starts: July 26th 2021

We have all experienced trouble falling—and staying—asleep at some point in our lives. And when you introduce disabilities or long term conditions into the mix, bed time is often synonymous with dread. Whether it’s acute pain keeping your eyes firmly open, or anxiety causing your heart to race, it can be difficult to wind down and drift off into a deep sleep.

Mindfulness, meditation and visualisation at bedtime help to create positive habits to become more peaceful, serene and calm.

Class 1: Peace of Mind – tranquil and at ease, it’s time to focus on you.
Class 2: Release and Let Go – liberate your mind, as free as can be for slumber.
Class 3: Healing – whatever is plaguing your health and happiness, let’s work on healing your restlessness.
Class 4: Stress Relief – the feeling of a weight being relieved from your shoulders as you drift off.
Class 5: Love, Positivity & Happiness – your mind is powerful; use it wisely.
Class 6: Health & Wellbeing – because you matter.

Please note: All classes are pre-recorded, which means that you can access them wherever, whenever you like! Upon signing up, all six classes will be ready to view. They will include guided visualisations, for people living with pain and long term conditions, as well as those with disabilities and long term conditions who are currently struggling with COVID isolation, in need of peace and solace.

Each ‘theme’ contains 6 sessions, incorporating elements of Yoga Nidra breathing techniques to induce deep relaxation, as well as inciting feelings of peacefulness, relaxation and sleepiness. 

Whether you’re new to the world of meditation, or you think of yourself as something of an expert, everyBODY is welcome. The classes have been described by attendees as ‘calming’, with comments such as ‘I’ve been to lots of different meditation and mindful sessions but nobody has ever had the effect on me the way Melanie has. She just knocks me out.’ So, why not try it for yourself? We’re at the other side of the screen, ready to soothe.


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