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The face behind The Wellbeing Revolution. The driving force, spearheading a transformation.” (Blooming Lotus Yoga)

Having lived with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since the tender age of eight, I have lived experience of the exclusion faced by those living with disabilities. As a mum, I found myself even more isolated. ‘Normal’ mum and baby activities were out of the question, with accessible activities simply not being offered, and balancing day-to-day responsibilities without wellbeing support took its toll on both my mental and physical health; I felt stuck in a hamster wheel of trying to function like everybody else, when really, I couldn’t shake thoughts of “Why shouldn’t essential support be available to people like me?”

I’d known throughout my adult life that things needed to change, but now I realised it was up to me to become a change maker. I was on a mission. The goal? To break barriers. And, well… start a revolution!

It all started when I advertised my first ever chair-based yoga class.

It was January 2020, and I was taking a momentous leap to put myself out there. A qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher, I decided it was time to follow the path I knew I was destined for, transferring my passion and experience into something I could share with the community. I wanted to create a hub for those who relate to the uphill battle I, and many others, face.

From there, The Wellbeing Revolution was born.

My managerial role within one of the biggest disability charities in the UK spanned a decade. With multiple responsibilities, not least managing my condition, being a new mum and working, I was left utterly burnt out and diagnosed with severe anxiety. Ironically – given the company I was in – I was trying to keep up with the demands of fitting into a non-stop, able bodied favoured world, and I knew I wasn’t alone.

So I decided enough was enough – I quit my job. For a working class girl from a mining community, this was a huge step.

With a mission to make meditation and relaxation accessible to anyone, anywhere, with a disability or long term condition, I decided to start on my home turf, in my local community of Ayrshire, Scotland. I advertised chair-based yoga classes for locals living with long term conditions, and amazingly, my slots were snapped up almost instantly!

By March popularity had soared, persuading me to create more courses. For some, standing in front of a crowd is a butterfly-inciting event. To me? I lapped up the smiles beaming from attendees, darting across the region to deliver courses spanning local villages, towns and even Glasgow city centre.

From chair-yoga programmes to deep sleep meditation classes, I knew my programs were making a real difference to the lives of participants, and their feedback only confirmed this. Facing social isolation, chronic pain, and often battling with fatigue, anxiety and stress, The Wellbeing Revolution provides a community for wellbeing revolutionaries who want more. A transformed concept of ‘wellbeing’, with an added dose of empowerment by being understood, empathised with and completely catered for. A hub of solidarity.


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We like to share the experiences of real participants because they are the beating heart of our work and are the very best people to tell you about the difference our classes have made to their lives.

It’s not really worked for me in the past so I thought ‘what’s the point?’. But thought I’d give it a go because if nothing else I’d hear some nice wee readings. So I went to the class and was just blown away – it worked. I didn’t expect it to work but it did – and then some!

Coming to your classes has been a lifeline and made me feel so much better. I’ve been quite lonely and stressed out during lockdown but the meditation has really helped me.

Melanie has been absolutely amazing for me. I have problems sleeping…and I’m in constant pain. When Melanie gets you all snuggled down and cosy…she just talks to you and I don’t know what magic it is she does because it’s just amazing.


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